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Careers with a Master’s in Health Science

The healthcare field is in a stage of significant growth, at the moment, with positions that vary widely in scope being created in greater numbers across the industry. The Affordable Care Act offered the largest expansion of health insurance in … Continue reading

Giva $1000 Bi-annual Scholarship Available

Apply at by December 1st or June 1st for a chance to benefit from a $1000 scholarship. Giva’s corporate student scholarship and grant award is available bi-annually for anyone attending a college or university. There is no specific course … Continue reading

What Does a Health Educator Do?

The general public’s initial reaction whenever a rapidly emerging disease or virulent outbreak begins to occupy the news cycle can often be characterized best as “fearful” or “panicked”. Using the current Ebola crisis in West Africa as an example, figures … Continue reading

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Outside the Mainstream

Medicine, as a field, is perpetually evolving to suit the latest discoveries regarding the human body and its capacity for healing. As we grow to understand more about the most effective treatment methods for contemporary illnesses, one of the more … Continue reading

Career Profile: Healthcare Administrator

The rapidly growing discipline of healthcare administration refers to the organizational leadership of a variety of different medical services organizations. Currently, the field is abundant with opportunities. As recent policy reform changes the way people receive medical benefits, hospitals and … Continue reading

Advanced Healthcare Degree Programs: MPH, MSHA, and MHSc

Post-bachelor students and health professionals seeking greater leadership roles in healthcare have a number of options for continuing education open to them. Three of the most sought-after advanced healthcare degree programs are the Master of Public Health (MPH), the Master … Continue reading

Taking Steps Towards Nursing Career Advancement

The largest and fastest-growing healthcare occupation, nursing comprises a workforce of more than 2.74 million as of 2010. Projections released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in February 2012 showed that the number of employed nurses is expected to … Continue reading

Why Ongoing Education is Vital to Magnet Accreditation

The gold standard for nursing throughout the U.S. and around the globe, Magnet accreditation is a prestigious designation conferred by the American Nurses Credentialing Center on healthcare organizations that demonstrate excellence in nursing. Approved in 1990, the Magnet Recognition Program … Continue reading

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