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  • Health Service Management Named #7 High Paying Career

    From Yahoo!:

    Career #7: Medical and Health Services Manager

    Median annual wage*: $88,580
    Bottom 10 percent of earners: $53,940
    Top 10 percent of earners: $150,560

    Okay, you know you want to work in health care, but working with patients directly was never high on your to-do list. Maybe you should consider a high-paying career on the administrative side of health care, as a medical and health services manager.

    Medical and health services managers plan and coordinate health services within hospitals, doctors’ offices, or clinical departments, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. They might manage the finances of the facility, update systems and regulations based on the latest laws, and handle the organization of work schedules and patient billing. They also work to ensure optimal efficiency and quality in the medical services offered, says the Department of Labor.

    Credentials You’ll Need: Typically, you’ll need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in health administration to get started, according to the Department. Master’s degrees in public health or public administration, health services, long-term care administration, or business administration are also common.

    Why is a master’s important? “A master’s degree in management or business administration will increase your marketability,” Brito adds. That’s because a master’s can help you tie together health services knowledge, while experience with solid business skills increases your value proposition, Brito says.

    * All salary information from the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Employment and Wages data, May 2012.

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